I am a Girl

A figure of weakness
Deemed as I am
An eternal arduousness
With the shackles of “being infirm”
“Oh! impotent you are”
With this, always awarded I am.

By the eyes of my Lord
Have you ever seen me
Vehement, has he created me
With no demolition from the worldly lords
No matter how hard
This society knocks me down
I’ll rise to my glory
Because, that’s where I belong.

-Aroosa Zamarud


Breaking Fantasies

A fantasy world
inhabited her mind
unaware of the thorns
that came along
she continued daydreaming
For, she had never known
what evil looked like
Evil to her
was merely a delusion

Forasmuch, her reality
she knew but good
and generous and loving
and people, all caring
The world was a gift
and everyone, angelic
and so, she continued
building her imaginary castles
finding ways to give birth
to all her fantasies

Little did she knew
This world is beyond
her picturisque imaginations
And destined she was,
to learn the hard way
In her ignorance
she embraced every being
poured all her love out
to every single soul
who crossed her path

Alas, life happened
she bumped into that
which was malevolent-
dressed in a dreamy rope
Naive, as she was
saw the glittering dreams
but not that lay beneath
rushed towards it,
hugging it- like she always did

But this time unlike always
it was the lesson, she must get
for her senses to augment
Slammed, right in the face
when she opened her eyes
Her world upside down
Her faith shattered
The biggest loss to her
was the breaking of her faith
that this world is not
an epitome of love, as she presumed

Now, she sits still,
Confused- figuring out
With her clouded mind
What’s real and what’s not
Were her beliefs
built through all these years
naught but illusions?
How long will it take
for her to comprehend?
She knows one thing, for now
Life is not, what she believed.

-Aroosa Zamarud

A Pile of Gems #TBR

A pile of gems
“To be read” as they are called
resting on my shelves.
Just off one more burden 
and I shall commence
to feed my soul with them.
This commitment to self
every time I device

Being a part of that race
where everyone must chase
career, success, love
or maybe to owe allegiance
to the circumstances
for, if I choose to exit
the race that defines
I shall be left to efface

The gems- waiting for me to embrace
long enough by now-wearing off
a layer of dust
covering their shine
as I see them weep_
or maybe, it is just
my soul weeping
and reflecting through
the long-kept gems.

-Aroosa Zamarud


The most misunderstood feeling
comes right from our instinct
the easiest of all the emotions
to attain
Yet, we keep running in its pursuit
Only to realize
at the end of the road
how vague was this quest

and the cycle repeats
in this never-ending hustle

Slow down,
at whatever point you are
ponder over your journey
how far you have come
observe your surroundings
At this moment
amazed, you will get
at the limitless possibilities
of genuine delight
constantly unnoticed
in the unceasing hunt

Happiness is nothing
but a grieving man’s choice
Choosing to stay happy
over choosing the grief,
fears, and rejections
and This realization
is your ultimate satisfaction.

-Aroosa Zamarud


Have you ever felt dead certain about something?
While everyone around you is against it,
There are many reasons rejecting it,
You are out of words to explain
why you think it is right
But you still believe it is
You cant always explain your views,
ambitions and imaginations,
Neither will they make sense to all
don’t let that dim your insight

What is really tough,
It is to draw a line
between the peak of your belief
and the pursuit of void.

But not untill you take a step towards it
will you be able to set them apart.
So, go ahead
have your experiances
Find your answer
because only you can.

In the end,
There is either a fall
or a rise
both ways, It is never a loss
And without any hesitation
I affirm-
The contentment with that rise
will be a thousand times superior
to the disappointment with that fall.

-Aroosa Zamarud

Her Beautiful Mind

She had a beautiful and fertile mind
Full of ideas
of contributing to this world,
making it a better place
She knew she had the ability for it
she was chosen to dream
and was given the courage
to take the hardest steps
She wasn’t afraid to fall
For she knew her spirit,
She could rise back up

What she really lacked
were the choices of words
She didn’t know how to exhibit
her beautiful mind to the world
She never figured out
what was missingout
was it her incapacity to explain
or were her ambitions too picturesque
to be trusted?
Or maybe, she hadn’t ever encountered

someone who would grasp her depth
whatever it was,
She rarely found people
Resonating with her.

-Aroosa Zamarud

Weak Moments

There were many of those weak moments when she felt like cursing and hating.

Being patient is not easy. 

But then, she would ask herself,
did her heart, as pure as it was,
deserved to get stained by the evil around?

And the answer was always a No. 

Looking at herself in a couple of years,
would she like to be that person, who
would hate on everyone throwing stones at her? 

and No it was again.

-Aroosa Zamarud

Choosing the path seldom chosen

Choosing the path seldom chosen
comes with its own grind
As appealing as it seemingly may be,
there are moments where it crushes you
and do you know what’s the worst yet the best part in those moments of despair?
You are the only one you have!
The one who has to compile yourself back together
wipe your own tears
No one will do that for you
Alone you had started and alone shall you proceed
because those who take the paths seldom taken,
don’t have many walls to lean on.

And that’s okay,

The highest the grind, the brighter the shine.

-Aroosa Zamarud

The beauty of faith

 With every pain, comes ease.

I had read this somewhere, years ago
It didn’t really have an impact
until I started experiencing it in my life
one after the other,
it has been a series now,
Every time I go into the pit of despair
is followed by utter blossom,
a phase as fulfilling as my dreams.

An instinct, it has become now,
no matter how deep into the darkness I am thrown,
I manage to hear that little whisper,
amid all the shrieking cries,
“This shall be followed by double its amount of bliss”
This! I believe,
is the beauty of life,
The variations and phases we get stricken with.

As beautiful as Faith can get.

-Aroosa Zamarud

Wearing soul

So there she was again,
falling into the trap
she knew it was a trap, its consequences, and how hard will it hit her in the end
but that is just how she was
always melted by soft words
irrespective of their validity

How long will it take her to grow?
Learn to say no
Who knows!
For all that she knew,
she was a Beautiful mess,
wearing a smile as bright as the sun,
victoriously hiding her wearing soul.

-Aroosa Zamarud

Human Complicacies

She loved nature
Grass, mountains, flowers, animals
A deep bonding, she had with them
And a constant reminder, they were to her
of how her Lord fulfilled their needs
Whenever she struggled with something,
She would take time out
to observe and ponder
over the mechanics of this universe
and, never did it fail

in calming her nerves.

And then those moments,
when the human complicacies
get over-whelming
In those moments, she would yearn
to be a bird
or a river, or a bear
Moving with the flow of nature
wherever it took her.

For, being human
sometimes gets exhausting.

Gracious! how beautiful can imaginations be?

-Aroosa Zamarud