Her Beautiful Mind

She had a beautiful and fertile mind
Full of ideas
of contributing to this world,
making it a better place
She knew she had the ability for it
she was chosen to dream
and was given the courage
to take the hardest steps
She wasn’t afraid to fall
For she knew her spirit,
She could rise back up

What she really lacked
were the choices of words
She didn’t know how to exhibit
her beautiful mind to the world
She never figured out
what was missingout
was it her incapacity to explain
or were her ambitions too picturesque
to be trusted?
Or maybe, she hadn’t ever encountered

someone who would grasp her depth
whatever it was,
She rarely found people
Resonating with her.

-Aroosa Zamarud

Published by

Aroosa Zamarud

I am a doctor from Pakistan who sometimes potraits her feelings through writing.

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